External Data storage devices are lightweight, portable, cheap and rewritable. External storage devices are mostly and widely used for transferring important data between homes and offices.

Some of the most common devices are USB flash drives, CDs-DVDs, Portable hard drives, and firewire devices. Like all electronics, they also tend to fail and the major reason behind that is poor quality and poor manufacturing.

Dropped External Hard Drive Not Working

External hard drives are extremely vulnerable to be ruined from being dropped since they sit in high traffic areas and they have knocked over or moved about frequently. Additionally, the internal moving components of a hard disk are extremely sensitive, the smallest jolt may lead to the liquid bearing seizing or much more commonly the read/write heads suffer mechanical damage. Hard drives that encounter more intense shocks from being lost from 2 to 4 feet on a really difficult surface can’t just damage the bearing and or heads but also the platters can shift in the spindle.

To correct a hard drive that’s been dropped is almost always a tough recovery even for your data recovery expert. The hard drive would have to be opened and supervised with an experienced technician using specific tools, replacement components, and processes in a cleanroom environment. This is a mechanical breakdown, so at this time, there’s not anything you can do yourself. No software will help even though data retrieval software businesses often mislead customers to market their merchandise. In reality, running applications can only lead to the external hard disk to deteriorate and you also run a huge risk of this hard disk with a catastrophic collapse and losing the information indefinitely.

Data loss is inevitable in those devices, but Data Recovery is always possible.

If your External USB drive is not working or showing any of the following symptoms then you need Professional Data recovery services.


  1. External USB hard disk got corrupted or damaged
  2. System partition of your USB drive shows RAW
  3. When connecting asks to format now
  4. External drive not detecting In computer
  5. Deleted data or formatted drive accidentally
  6. other disk problem or errors that makes it no longer possible for you to access the inside data

Possible reasons for Data Loss:

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Mishandling of the drive due to shock or dropping
  • Virus Attacks
  • Human Errors comprising accidental deletion of data
  • Unable to mount or execute data
  • Corrupt data
  • Natural Disasters

Supported Brands 

  • Kingston
  • SanDisk
  • Western Digital
  • Iomega
  • Maxtor
  • Qrisma
  • SimpleTech
  • Many Others

Geeks at Help supports all type of Data recovery including Hard drive, SSDs, External Hard drives, USBs, Server RAID drives etc. Contact us today and get your free diagnosis done.

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