You might be thinking that your Desktop computer is just another stationary item on your desk so it can never fail or the hard drive inside is far from the harm. But unfortunately, it can be damaged just by sitting there.

It’s a sad but true fact that no hard drive will last forever. A hard drive is a combination of all different mechanical parts such as spinning motor, platters, and read-write assembly stored and sealed pack in a dust-free housing. Data Recovery specialists like us would call it HAD-Hard Drive Assembly.

The logic board or the PCB is connected to the back of the Hard Drive outside the housing. Hard Drives are very fragile systems so it needs to be handled with extreme care.

Desktop Hard drives can fail due to:

  • Mechanical Failure

Unexpected power failure or short circuit can cause the PCB or head to break off or burn. A small power surge can cause the drive to fail completely leading to major data loss.

  • Logical Issue / Human error

If you have accidentally deleted files or formatted the hard drive without any backup then it’s considered as a logical issue.

Being a leading Data Recovery company we take the proud of having 8+ years of Data Recovery industry experience with maximum success rate. Geeks at Help can recover data from all kind of storage devices, supports all kind of damage cases including virus infected drives to highly damaged clicking hard drives with 98% of recovery ratio.

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