Seagate provides the wide range of data storage products with very good quality but no matter how good is your device, data loss is inevitable. Seagate external drives such as Free Agent are known for most data loss conditions. A small drop or fall of your drive and you will face the ultimate data loss situation.

When a hard drive falls down or have a small bang the motor inside gets stuck on the spot and then it stops spinning. If you put drive near your ear and listen then you can hear a very weird sound that indicates that it has stopped spinning. In such cases, recovery turns very difficult and even more difficult if someone tries to temper it more from outside. Recoveries like these should be performed in a special data recovery clean room environment if once opened outside then recovery becomes impossible.

Firmware damage

Seagate model Barracuda 7200.11 is famous for its firmware crashing issues. But the same model can also have all other problems such as a stuck motor, stiction, bad heads etc.
In most cases, this is a good sign that you will need a level 3 recovery to replaced damaged heads. It can also be a seized motor, stiction, dirty heads, or even other problems.

Platter damage

This kind of damage you would never want to have. See the dust on the platter and the surface. The dust is resulting in the scratches made by the damaged heads. Now there is only dust on the platter that’s left.

Platter scratches usually occur when the head is damaged and you try to power up and check the drive again and again. Trying to recover data yourself or opening the drive in the normal environment can lead the data recovery from bad to worse.

Whatever the reason is Geeks at Help recovers data from all kind of Seagate storage devices. We have a wide range of modern tools, big inventory for replacement parts and years of experience. Contact us for free evaluation and diagnosis.

Recovered Seagate drives

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