Apple Inc. delivers great range and quality of computer devices. MacBook Air by Apple is just another piece of art for laptop and computer fanatics. Unlike MacBook Pro, MacBook Air is slimmer and faster as most of the new Air devices comes with a Solid State Drive inside for faster and smoother performance.

Despite its great design and lightweight posture, MacBook Air Devices are still prone to data loss situations. Data recovery from Mac Air devices is little different as it has an SSD drive inside.

An SSD is quite different than the Hard disk drive as it has no moving parts. Apart from the good high-speed performance, the mechanism of SSD drive makes data recovery more complex. Earlier in hard drives, we could extract the data from the bay area of clusters but SSD stores data in NAND Flash chips which one destroyed can be easily over written making the data recovery almost impossible.

Geeks at Help has recovered data from all MacBook Air models with all different kind of SSDs inside.

  • MacBook Air Water Damage
  • MacBook Air Crashed
  • MacBook Air OS Corruption
  • MacBook Air Deleted data
  • MacBook Air Boot Camp recovery
  • MacBook Air Chip off Recovery
  • MacBook Air Short circuit failure Etc.

Newer MacBook Air models are now coming with Soldered SSD chip. Usually, data recovery from this SSD chips is very difficult to perform as one must de-solder the SSD chip from the board and then it requires highly précised tools. Geeks at Help has achieved such hard core recoveries too.

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