IBM servers are one of the most common servers used by many big companies. IBM servers are most reliable servers out there but data loss cannot be avoided in any situations.

Common IBM server failures:

An IBM server tends to fail cause of many reasons so it is very important to analyze the reason of server drive failure and avoid for further data misfortune.

Data loss can be avoided by following the signs your server would give.

  • Blue screen errors
  • Ticking, clicking and grinding noise
  • Slow performance

If you face any of these issues then your server hard drive might be failing and to avoid further damage you should turn off your IBM server immediately and contact Geeks at Help. Using the hard drive more with such symptoms will degrade the heads inside the hard drive leading it to make scratches on the platter making the Data Recovery process impossible.

Types of IBM server failures:

Mechanical Failure: click…click…ticking or grinding sound is coming out of your server hard drive? Or your server just crashed and won’t boot up again? Must be a mechanical failure.

Electrical Failure: a power surge caused power outage and the server is completely dead or you see smoke or burning smell coming out of it. We can repair and recover your IBM server and make it work as it was before.

Human error: you deleted some important files or database folders by mistake or just formatted a partition without having a backup. Don’t fret to call us as we can get your deleted data back in no time.

Firmware and operating system failure: if your server starts but won’t boot because of some corrupted system files. Or may be it’s just stuck at BIOS then just call us and we will fix it for you and give you your data back.

We at Geeks at Help recover data from IBM servers every day and have a success rate of 98%. We take the proud of successful data recovery from all IBM models and all RAID types. Contact us today for the best data recovery experience.

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