MS SQL Server Database Recovery

Today RDBMS- relational database management system is used widely to store data in SQL databases. Now suppose that one day you restart the server and your database won’t attach to its normal state and found your backup also corrupted.

Did you ever come across a drive with SQL database installed inside and you contacted a data recovery company that recovered it for you? Still, the recovered database is also corrupted and won’t attach?

We perform Such SQL Data recovery in two steps:

  • Recovering the physical data from RAW sectors
  • Attach the SQL database back for rebuilding

We at GeeksatHelp recover and repair SQL Databases daily and have great expertise in the data recovery. We have recovered data from all sort of SQL servers and recovered data in all situations.

Perfect configuration Databases server can also fail due to:

  • MDF Database file corruption
  • Detection of Torn Pages
  • Deleted entries (tables, records, system objects)
  • I/O errors
  • LDF log file corruption
  • “suspected” mode SQL Database.
  • Backup restore failed

Is it possible to recover the SQL server?

Almost every time it’s possible to repair the server to the point where we can attach it back. If we are not able to fix the server, then we try to recover as many tables and entries as possible. In the end, we merge everything, rebuilding the database.

Contact GeeksatHelp and get your server data recovered quickly.



Geeks@Help Data Recovery Dubai
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Data Recovery

Best data recovery company in Dubai. Before calling this guys I went elsewhere, where they told me it would cost me 1800 AED for the recovery of data. And this guy’s recovered my data in 750 AED. highly recommend them.

SSD Recovery

geeksathelp recovered data from my Mac SSD. I cannot explain how important my data is. they managed to recovered my complete data. Experienced and professional team. I would give 10 out of 10.

Memory card Data Recovery

Geeksathelp is Phenomenally helpful to us. Recover our precious data from my camera memory card. A big thank u and highly recommend to all.

USB data recovery

I came to geeksathelp because by mistake I have deleted my important files. Their service was excellent and fast. They put my USB Drive on scan on their data recovery system and recovered my files in just half an hour. I would recommend geeksathelp to everybody.

Server data recovery

Don’t waste your time to go somewhere else. Geeksathelp is the best data recovery in Dubai. Very professional and experience team. Got my Server data back safely.

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