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External Hard Drive Data Recovery Dubai

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External (USB) hard drive or portable hard drives comprise an enclosure made up of a typical hard disk having a USB interface adapter. Hence, these kinds of products are susceptible to all the common problems associated with hard drives and others that the external enclosure and interface may contribute. Portable external hard drives are usually dropped or toppled over; this almost always triggers a physical fault of some sort and leads to the hard drive making a ticking sound if it is next powered-on. Retrieving the information from portable hard drives with defects similar to this is possible when the specific fault has been identified and the storage device has been accurately repaired.

Brands of external hard drivesexternal-hard-drive-data-recovery

Geeks@Help can fix and recover data from:

LaCie (e.g., Big Disk, Bigger Disk, Bigger Disk Extreme, Quadra, etc.)

Western Digital (e.g., MyPassport, MyBook, Slim and Ultra)

Seagate (e.g., Expansion, FreeAgent, and Backup Plus)


Maxtor (e.g. OneTouch)

Toshiba (e.g., Canvio and STOR.E)

All types of “Rugged” external hard drives

External Hard Disk Drive Problems:

A couple of the most frequent problems we have observed with portable hard drives are:

Shock Damage: The drives get toppled over, dropped, bumped, etc. In nearly all cases, the causing impact they go through will cause issues.

Excessive heating: The drives usually tend to overheat because of insufficient ventilation within the outer cover. Some portable hard drives don’t feature any airflow system; a few devices may include a fan inside the actual enclosure to overcome temperature accumulation.


Symptoms of failed hard drive:

If the hard drive is dropped:

The drive probably will make a ticking noise when powered-on. Typically, this is a sign of damage to the read/write heads &/or the motor. Retrieval of data is often possible.

If the hard drive is Bumped:

The drive will make a humming noise – generally a sign of a seized spindle. Data is almost often recoverable.

In case the disk drive is Over-heating:

The drive will suddenly stop functioning and not be recognized in the BIOS, or the system will appear to begin working slowly. Also, unusual noises from the external hard drive can be heard.

If the hard drive not spinning:

Regrettably, you cannot do anything on your own once you’ve got a hard drive that is not spinning. That is because there’s nothing you can do to fix your hard disk or substitute anything broken inside it.

What exactly can you do if you’ve got plenty of documents in your hard drive, whether your computer’s internal hard drive or an external hard disk that you did not have backed up? Are your data gone forever?

Not exactly. There is still a chance you’ll be able to get your information back, and that is by sending your hard drive to a professional data recovery laboratory. Luckily for you, GeeksatHelp, Data Recovery Service provider in Dubai has been at the business of reuniting people like you to your data for more than 12 years.

External Hard Drive Recovery Options:

Dependent on the nature of the condition, heat associated problems are generally more straightforward to correct than shock damage issues.

Do Not: 

Under no circumstances should you continue to use the external hard drive as you may cause even more damage to the device. You must also not perform a repair utility on the disk, particularly Chkdsk / Scandisk / Defragmenter, etc., making recoverable data unrecoverable.

What if I have one of these hard drives; however, the symptoms are different?:

It is very much possible. These drives remain vulnerable to all problems the other hard drives are affected by, i.e., logical failure, mechanical failure, bad sectors, etc. Look at our regular types of hard drive failure page.

What must I do?:

Call the Geeks@Help and speak your problem through with us on +971-52-7862452, or fill in our Contact Form, and we will call you back.

How to Increase the Life Expectancy of an External Hard Drive

Here are some great ideas to help you make the most of your External hard disk.

  • Never low-level format your hard disk, as three or four instances of low-level formatting will render your disk inoperable.
  • Repair corrupted sectors using an error-checking utility.
  • Never place it in a hazardous location where it could easily fall from a desk or a high-level corner.
  • Always make two copies of critical files, i.e. data on two different locations/disks.
  • Kindly refrain from moving your computer while running on a hard drive.
  • Please keep it away from dusty areas.

Portable Hard Drive Logical Data Recovery Situations

External hard disk data loss can occur for a variety of reasons. GeeksatHelp Data Recovery Experts can assist you in the following situations:

  • When connecting a USB hard drive to a computer, formatting the USB hard drive instead of the local disk results in the necessity to recover data from your external hard disk.
  • You have deleted some or all of the files on your portable hard drive by accident.
  • When attempting to access your USB3.0 portable hard disk via “My Computer,” Windows displays a disk not formatted error, and the file system is listed as raw, not fat32 or NTFS.
  • Your portable hard disk cannot be recognized in “My Computer”, and the hard drive cannot be accessed even via “Disk Management.”
  • When attempting to access the external hard drive, Windows reports that the disk is corrupted.
  • By mistake, you formatted your hard drive or SSD.

At Geeks@Help, we are a trusted data recovery company that specializes in the recovery of data from various storage devices, including external hard drives. Our experienced technicians can perform a recovery hdd external procedure on your device to retrieve your lost data, even in the most challenging circumstances. We use advanced techniques and hard drive rescue methods to recover data from corrupted, damaged, and failed hard drives.

In addition to physical hard drive recovery, we also provide effective data recovery software services. We use hard drive recovery software to scan and recover lost data from all types of hard drives. Our software is designed to recover data lost due to accidental deletion, formatting, or any other reason.

At Geeks@Help, we are committed to providing efficient and cost-effective data recovery service to our customers. We offer data recovery solutions for individuals and businesses, and we have a team of skilled technicians who are equipped with the latest technology and tools to recover your lost data. Our data recovery service is reliable and secure, and we maintain strict confidentiality throughout the recovery process. If you need reliable data recovery services, contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

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Geeks@Help External Hard Drive Recovery
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 5 reviews
 by Phillip
Cheapest data recovery Dubai

For me this was an absolute delight (and when is data loss/recovery every?) I spoke via Whatsapp with Murtaza and he answered quickly, gave me a rough estimate. It was reasonable for what I expected but MUCH cheaper compared to other quotes. Guys, please don't increase your rates because of this.
Here is how it went down:
I wrote to them via Whatsapp, the driver (super friendly, his name Mitun) came to me and picked up my drive. 3 days later Mitun brought me a new hard drive (also an external one) for a very competitive price - almost same price as Amazon) and I had my data back.
I tried another highly rated data recovery in bur dubai first and went personally where the quote was 2300 AED which I found, with all due respect, outrageous for changing the read/write head.
Murtaza said it was bad sectors and in the end, I saved a lot of money and nerves. I thought it would all be lost forever, but thanks to those guys.....I am very happy. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

 by Luke Ritter
Hard drive data recovery

Geeksathelp has done an amazing job. My hard drive was dropped and it was not working any more. They have recover all my files in just two day. Good job

 by Laura Bradley

If there is an option for 6 star, then these guys deserves it. Recover my most important data from my external hard drive which was dropped down and broken from inside.

 by Abdulla Sheikh
Data Recovery

Compared to other company charges for data recovery, Geeksathelp charges are affordable.

 by Bruce Walter
Data Recovery From External Drive

I have no words to thanks Geeksathelp. Thanks for recovering my life time data.

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If you’re experiencing issues with a corrupted external hard drive, it can be stressful to think about potentially losing your valuable data. Fortunately, there are a number of options for external hard drive repair and data recovery services available in Dubai. One place to start is by searching for “seagate service center Dubai” or “external hard drive repair near me” to find local repair services that specialize in hard drive repair service. These experts can help diagnose and repair issues with your external hard drive, and can often provide data recovery services to retrieve any lost data. When looking for a service to repair external hard drive, it’s important to choose a reputable provider with a track record of success. With the right external hard drive repair service, you can recover your data and get your device working like new again.

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