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  • Hard disk drives
  • Servers
  • RAIDs
  • USB / Flash
  • Virtual machines

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We are Experts in RAID Data Recovery in Dubai. We collect, recover, and return your data, ensuring the least disruption to your business.

RAID arrays and other business server configurations can make RAID recovery much more complicated. With the help of our qualified, trained RAID data recovery technicians, we can recover business-critical data from all formats and types of arrays from any failure.

Following RAID Recovery We Provide

  • Multiple Hard Drive Crashes
  • RAID Controller Failure
  • Accidental Volume Formating
  • RAID Configuration Corruption
  • Hard Drives are Offline Mode
  • RAID Drives Rebuild Failure
  • Damaged RAID Striping
  • Storage Server Not Booting
  • Fire or Flood Damage
  • Deleted or Formatted Partitions

If you’ve been to other data recovery companies and they have disappointed, or you are unsatisfied with their results, so contact us today because we can recover data from crashed RAIDs where other companies have failed.

Our data recovery engineers have the expertise needed to restore any RAID array by hand manually. By examining each hard disk on a sector-level, we can discover your RAID’s parameters such as RAID type, disk order, stripe size, and virtually reconstruct your RAID — even if you don’t remember what kind of RAID you have.

Data Recovery from every RAID types

At GeeksatHelp, we have successfully retrieved data from almost all RAID types, including:

RAID setups provide the highest protection for data security, but this does not imply that they are damage-proof. Power surges, RAID controller problems, and hostile malware are all typical reasons of RAID server failures. GeeksatHelp Data Recovery will assist you with your RAID Server Data Recovery needs and enable you to return to normal company operations in a timely manner.

We can recover data from all file-system formats, like FAT32/NTFS (PC), HFS+ (Mac), Virtual File Systems (VMFS), and XFS/EXT3/EXT4/ReiserFS (Linux) along with all hard-drive interfaces (like SATA, IDE/ATA, SCSI, and SAS).

The RAID data recovery procedure


After you bring your RAID to the specialists, it will be opened up and all of the drives will be checked for functionality, i.e., the experts will determine whether each drive is functioning normally.

Hard Disk Repair

All hard drives must be in good working condition for maximal and proper recovery. Hard drive repair may be needed to finish the data recovery process from a RAID server or NAS RAID if any of the RAID hard drives are broken. To be clear, this must be done in a clean room because even a small particle or moisture can ruin a hard disk. Hard disk repair ensures that the drives continue to perform normally.

Cloning of repaired or failing hard drives

The next step is to create clones of each disk, which means mirroring and cloning each sector of the various drives to another hard disk. This is a way to help the recovery expert work around any bad sectors that might be on the original hard drives. It also provides the expert with greater control over the drive functions.

During the cloning procedure, the original source drive is put into “write-protect” mode, which prevents data from being written on it. This ensures that the original source data is not tampered with. After the cloning process is completed, the cloned copies are used for recovery while the original drives are kept aside.

RAID Rebuilding and Data Transfer

The clone drives will be followed by a de-striping procedure that will collect all of the data from the multiple drives and place it on a single disk. If the damage is minor, a complete rebuild of the directory structure is possible.

This entire process is lengthy and tiresome, and as a result, it may cost you a little extra. However, if you care about your data, you have no choice but to use RAID recovery services to get it back again.

In addition to our expertise in RAID 5 data recovery, we offer comprehensive data recovery services for a wide range of systems. RAID technology is extensively used in both servers and NAS devices, and our team excels in handling these complex configurations. Whether you’re dealing with server data loss or NAS data failure, our skilled engineers have the knowledge and experience to restore your critical data efficiently and securely. Trust us to deliver reliable recovery solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum data retrieval.


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Geeks@Help RAID Data Recovery
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 4 reviews
 by Meet Soni
Data Recovery

Excellent work by geeksathelp. Technicians are knowledgeable and professional in recovering data. I am satisfied for what I paid. All my data was recovered. Thanks again.

 by Lara
RAID 5 Data Recovery

The Best services from Geeks@help DATA Recovery and happy that all our DATA has been completely recovered from RAID 5 Hard Disks. Really appreciate the efforts shown and the solution provided.

 by Nick Jackson
Data Recovery

If you need to recover your data safely and professionally then this is the right company in Dubai. They recovered my complete data from my RAID Storage. Highly Recommended.

 by Carol Nicolas
Hard Drive data Recovery

Wow!! Professional and experienced technician for data recovery. I visited their Data Recovery Lab, they have proper tools, equipment and good knowledge to recover data from damage hard drives. I would highly recommend Geeksathelp.

Why people Choose us as their first choice for Data Recovery in Dubai:

Affordable Pricing:

Request a quote to receive a price estimate, which includes free in-house diagnostics and evaluation. Data recovery pricing is calculated based on your media type, capacity and circumstances of failure.

Free Diagnostics and Evaluation:

We provides free diagnostics and evaluation. There are no strings or hidden fees attached. Send your media and have our engineers provide you with an accurate diagnostics.

No Data, No Charge:

Data Recovery Experts follows a strict no recovery, no charge policy.
Which means: no risk and satisfaction guaranteed. You only pay per successful recovery and only if you are satisfied with the results.

Recovery from ANY Media Type:

We specializes in data recovery from all types of storage media. We are capable in recovery data from media with logical, electrical, mechanical and physical problems alike.

Why Choose Us?

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Honest Diagnosis
  • Decade of experience
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • High Success Rate
  • Free Consultation
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  • No Data; No Charge
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