Fallen Hard Drive Data Recovery Dubai

Hard drives are highly vulnerable to any kind of external force, and even a minor bump can give them problems. If your hard drive was dropped and now it isn’t working, then you should get in touch with a data recovery professionals immediately. If you want, there are a few things that you can check for first before contacting a data recovery specialist.


If your hard drive is in a strong enclosure, it is possible that only the enclosure was damaged and the hard drive is still safe. You can try removing the hard drive from the enclosure and connect it on a computer to see if it still works. Most of the time, the hard drive will be the cause of the problem if it was dropped, so don’t get your hopes up on the enclosure being the problem.

Is it clicking?

If a hard drive is not working anymore, most probably it’s because of the arm, render head or platter of the hard drive were scratched or crooked from the effect. If the render head is trying to trace the data that it is searching for on the platters and it cannot find it, the arm will move back and forth across the platters several times. The head is attached to an arm that hits a stop every time it goes back and forth, which makes the clicking noise, now you can’t do anything yourself to recover the data, and you should get in touch with a data recovery professional in Dubai to come up with a correct solution for data recovery.

There’s nothing amiss with playing around with hard drives for the sake of entertainment, however, don’t expect that you’ll recover any information from the hard drive or have the capacity to use it again all by yourself. There are other attempted and obsolete strategies for data recoveries, for example, the whack technique and freezing your hard drive that frequently doesn’t focus on the real issue with the hard drive and just make information recovery more complicated. Never in any circumstance should you l the case from the hard drive to get to the platters. The hard drive will promptly wind up filled with floating air particles, and data recovery from the hard drive will end up plainly impossible. On the off chance that the case must be opened, it must be done in a clean and temperature controlled condition with no airborne particles. Data recovery experts use clean rooms that channel air to evacuate airborne particles to dodge contamination and are temperature and humid controlled to stay away from any further harm to the hard drive.

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