Data recovery and Western Digital 3.5″ hard drives

Western Digital is one of the leading innovative companies in the data storage world. WD provides a wide range of data storage solutions, including laptop and desktop internal Hard drives, external HDD, NAS storage devices, etc.

Western Digital desktop drives or 3.5″ internal hard drives have exact and complex mechanisms when it fails; it requires a clean room to recover the data.


What makes Western Digital hard drives challenging to recover?

WD drives have a very complex design and mechanism; it requires in-depth knowledge of data recovery and hi-tech tools. You cannot open  WD drives in a typical environment, so it requires a clean room environment. Even a small mistake during the recovery makes the drive to become completely unusable and non-recoverable.

Western Digital MyBook Data Recovery

WD My Book drives are different than small external drives; it comes with an Ethernet port so you can always access it through the network. Usually, these devices have big desktop drives inside and have a structure that is not always portable. When WD My book fails, then data recovery becomes very important as you cannot recover just at home. These drives are pretty different than other drives as the main problem with it is the encrypted firmware. Before retrieving the data, it requires decrypting the data first, then head replacement and imaging is done.

Common Western Digital Hard Drive problems

WD Hard drives clicking noise

In older versions of WD drives clicking noise problem would come if the PCB get a short circuit. And the easiest fix was just to replace the whole board with a similar donor drive or just replace the particular burnt chip. But as technology evolved, WD drives have evolved too. Now new drives don’t come with the ROM chip soldered on the board to get a short circuit. In today’s drives clicking noise comes cause of bad read/write heads, and to fix that it requires cleanroom facility.


Today almost every laptops and desktop come with WD hard drives inside. If you drop your laptop by mistake and after the drop, it gives you “No bootable device found” or a “Blue screen of death” means your hard drive inside has failed, and you require data recovery help. Today almost every 3rd recovery case is about dropped hard drives or laptops.

Western Digital RAID Drive recovery

If your WD drives had a RAID configuration and one of the drives has failed, or it’s not rebuilding by itself, then stop there immediately as it might require data recovery, and doing any further experiments on it might cause permanent data loss. Simply label the drives and take it to any data recovery experts such as Geeks At Help.

Affordable Western Digital data recovery rates

If you have a Western Digital drive that has failed, then bring it to us; here at GEEKS AT HELP, we recover data from all types of storage media, including HDDs, SSDs, RAID, USBs, and many other devices at very convenient rates. Contact us today for your free diagnosis and evaluation.


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