Flash Drive Data Recovery, Types of Flash Drives

  1. Chip Off or NAND Flash recovery:

If you cannot access your drive or it’s just not responding anthane then you require such recovery. To perform such recovery, we need to remove the PCB logic board and put it on a special reader that decodes the encryption to pull the data out.

  1. Broken Stem/PCB flash drive recovery:

If your drive had a fall or its just badly physically damaged. If the connector or a part of it has broken or bent, then you require this method of recovery. To perform such recovery one must be precisely skilled with soldering to get the best results.

There are basically 3 types of NAND drives.

Regular TSOP-48 Flash Drives:  

In a picture below you can see the TSOP-48 chip. It’s generally found in older flash drives. You can see the tiny legs on the top.

Monolithic Flash Drives:

Monolithic drives have no PCB because the circuit is all integrated into the chip itself. So if the chip is cracked then data recovery is impossible.

BGA Flash Drives:

Last but not least is the BGA flash drive. Chip has no legs as its connected directly to the PCB soldered by tiny balls that’s covered by the chip itself.


No matter what type of chip you have, we recover it all precisely and quick. Contact us and get your data recovered.


Geeks@Help Data Recovery Dubai
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Cheapest data recovery Dubai

For me this was an absolute delight (and when is data loss/recovery every?) I spoke via Whatsapp with Murtaza and he answered quickly, gave me a rough estimate. It was reasonable for what I expected but MUCH cheaper compared to other quotes. Guys, please don't increase your rates because of this.
Here is how it went down:
I wrote to them via Whatsapp, the driver (super friendly, his name Mitun) came to me and picked up my drive. 3 days later Mitun brought me a new hard drive (also an external one) for a very competitive price - almost same price as Amazon) and I had my data back.
I tried another highly rated data recovery in bur dubai first and went personally where the quote was 2300 AED which I found, with all due respect, outrageous for changing the read/write head.
Murtaza said it was bad sectors and in the end, I saved a lot of money and nerves. I thought it would all be lost forever, but thanks to those guys.....I am very happy. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

 by Marry Anderson on Geeks@Help Hard Disk Data Recovery
Data Recovery

Best data recovery company in Dubai. Before calling this guys I went elsewhere, where they told me it would cost me 1800 AED for the recovery of data. And this guy’s recovered my data in 750 AED. highly recommend them.

 by Atul Tiwari on Geeks@Help SSD Data Recovery
SSD Recovery

geeksathelp recovered data from my Mac SSD. I cannot explain how important my data is. they managed to recovered my complete data. Experienced and professional team. I would give 10 out of 10.

 by Anita Basu on Geeks@Help USB Data Recovery
Memory card Data Recovery

Geeksathelp is Phenomenally helpful to us. Recover our precious data from my camera memory card. A big thank u and highly recommend to all.

 by Paul Miller on Geeks@Help USB Data Recovery
USB data recovery

I came to geeksathelp because by mistake I have deleted my important files. Their service was excellent and fast. They put my USB Drive on scan on their data recovery system and recovered my files in just half an hour. I would recommend geeksathelp to everybody.

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