Mostly server uses RAID configurations by the requirements. Some will use RAID 1 for its best redundancy while some will use RAID 5 for the stability. While we talk about RAID configurations RAID 0 or best known as striping array configuration is used for its performance. While it gives best performance and data access rates RAID 0 lacks in redundancy.

RAID 0 configuration generally splits the data load in its drives so while writing the data the workload is split into two drives which allow drive for faster access and data rate.

When a drive in RAID 0 fails then the entire array will go down with it as few of the important files would be on that drive too. In this cases, each drive needs to be manually repaired and then the recovery process is performed and in the end, the whole array needs to be rebuilt.

Generally, we receive RAID 0 cases where the RAID configuration is incorrect because the company thought they are using the mirroring RAID 1 configuration. RAID 0 is commonly used in Western Digital My Book Drives.

RAID 0 is preferable if you are a gamer or you require to boot an operating system from it while for data storage and stability other raid configurations are recommended.

If a RAID 0 fails or one of the hard drive fails then your system will not boot up. Trying to use the hard drives further more will damage the system more. So to avoid further data loss one should turn off the system and contact Geeks at Help for a quick and easy recovery.

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